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It all started with Clifford.

In 1992 we started our family in Kitchener, Ontario. I grew up in Ireland and have memories of the old style terry cloth diapers held together with safety pins. The old terry cloth style could be leaky, messy and falling apart unless it was put together just right.

There was a bit of a science to it.

Old style terry cloth diapers are etched in my mind like a scene from an old movie. A house full of terry cloth diapers in various states of use, freshly laundered, ready to be laundered, on the washing line and on baby.

Disposables have been around since the fifties, They must have seemed like a dream come true, saving all that work. Until we consider the cost and the environmental impact.

So, what to do?

The terry cloth memories were enough to keep me away from going that route with my family.

A new design. The modern style custom cloth diaper was the way to go. While there are lots of options these days. In the early nineties there really wasn't. I set about designing and making a diaper that I thought would work for my family. I had no ambition to start a business, I just wanted a better solution for diapering.

Through trial and tribulation, I settled on a design and have made some changes over the years to keep on improving. There were many proto types and materials tested.

The Clifford the Dog theme diaper seen here.

Is the first of many that I made. It is over 25 years old and has diapered all of my 6 children.

The biggest difference between 'Clifford' and todays design is that I no longer tend to use velcro and have switched to snaps. There is nothing wrong with velcro, snaps are just a little better.

Having made all the diapers for my children, friends and relations started asking for them too. I really enjoyed the process of getting different fabrics together making unique and really really cute designs.

My children are well out of diapers these days. I continue to make custom cloth diapers and believe that they are the best. They have stood the test of time and have proven their worth and best of all are super cute, while still doing an excellent job!

Dara, x.

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