Face masks


Face Masks

Our face masks are non surgical. They are hand made with three layers, a front, back and an interior. The front and back is nearly always 100% cotton, but every now and then we do have a poly cotton on one side and 100%cotton on the other. The interior is always a water resistant yet breathable micro fleece.

We have added a wire bendable bridge at the nose, this really helps to contour to your own particular face shape. It also allows for more space around the nose and mouth, glasses tend to get less foggy.

The fastening method that we use is four strings of lace, two at each side tied around the back of the head and cut to your desired length as seen in the picture at the bottom of the page.

Click the'Shop' link below to see options in our store. We size by small, medium and large. Small can fit anybody from three to adult all depending on your head size of course. Medium tends to be a teen to medium size adult. Large is for any body larger than that.

By way of illustration. In the picture on the left. The gent is wearing a large, while the smaller framed lady is wearing a medium, but might be better suited to a small.

We are offering free shipping or local pick up  on Face masks. Use the code Canada Post in the coupon box at check out to avail.

How to wear

To wear, bend the wire to contour to your nose bridge. Then use the four lace strings, two on either side of the mask to tie at the back of your head. Wash before wearing.


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